What We Do

We developed and support orphanage.

We are currently operating more than 250 projects in 61 countries in 6 geographical regions of the world. There are 143 Million orphaned and at-risk children in the world today, and there are needs everywhere. We receive hundreds of applications for new projects every year and a board reviews each application and determines whether or not the program is in alignment with our mission and our values. We also take budget and fundraising into account when considering new projects. We want the work of Orphan's Promise to be deep and impactful, rather than wide and superficial.

When we open the door to an education, we unlock the future for children. Education is the difference between failure and success. It is the difference between poverty and plenty. Without an education, jobs are hard to come by, and without a job, a mother or father cannot feed their children. When parents cannot support their families, the family unit often breaks up, and children end up on the streets or in orphanages. We start to solve the world's orphan crisis by educating as many of the 146 million orphans in the world as we can.

If we can eliminate the conditions that lead to poverty and brokenness, we believe we will see entire communities set free. There are stigmas surrounding families that are uneducated, living in poverty, and unable to provide for themselves. Often, these stigmas hold families back from asking for help, and the result is never positive.

Strength, Solutions and Growth

At Oasis Charity Organization, we apply our strengths as a leading global investment and advisory firm to deliver solutions, unlock value and propel growth. Our capital fuels the development of businesses and communities. Our strategic advice helps companies and governments stabilize, grow and thrive during these challenging times. We invest in emerging markets and entrepreneurs that will be the wellsprings of future opportunity.

The solutions we provide reflect the insights generated by our diverse, global business platform, which encompasses private equity and real estate funds, hedge fund solutions, credit funds and independent advisory and restructuring practices. We have built the firm on a strong foundation of intellectual and financial capital. We focus on attracting exceptionally talented people and on creating an atmosphere that rewards initiative and independent thinking. Our solid financial base, including strong capital and liquidity, ensures our capacity to deliver on our commitments.

Above all, we have made it our No. 1 priority to serve the needs of our investors and clients. This commitment is reflected in a culture that values integrity, professionalism and a passion for excellence. It also leads us to operate with prudence, financial discipline, a long-term perspective, and a clear understanding that trust is something we must earn every day.